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So the last few months it has been not only winter (cold, snowy, wet), but I've been working six or seven days a week...not a great combination for getting things done on the car. No garage, though the current apartment does have parking off the alley, unlike the busy street street-parking at the last place!

I finally come to a day off when I think it's going to be nice weather, and...it's raining. Yeah, stinkin' luck!

So next time I have a day off and it's NOT raining (or I get off and it's light in the evening), these are the things I want to finally knock off the "Loyale upgrade" to-do list:


  • Wire the running lights up as blinkers
  • Swap out the d/r shift handle for the old pushbutton one. Just the handle, so I can have the button to do things with.
  • Swap snow tires for all-weather tires
  • Replace the wiper blades
  • Pull out, clean, etc rear wiper motor (it buzzes but only moves sporadically)
  • Figure out how to finally install a rear-hatch escape lever thingy
  • Wash and vacuum the car

I've been putting these off for months, I guess a few more days won't make a difference (but I am impatient). I probably won't finish in a day, but I should make a good start, at least!


Who else has a spring cleaning/summer project list?

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yep i do to, i just have to find time


86 brat


  • 4 inch lift
  • jump seats
  • roll bar
  • install the missing trim on the passenger side
  • por 15 the underside
  • power wash the engine and bed
  • maxima alt

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