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New Guy with an SUS.

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Been a Honda/Acura loyalist for 12 years until 2011 when my buddy who had been talking up subies for years finally convinced me to try one. I found a 1999 Legacy limited SUS with about 89,000, typical bumps and bruises but only needed an A to B and sometimes C car. Needless to say I loved it, I live in Omaha NE and the winters are the real test, Winter 0 SUS 1. Head blew at 105 and I love the car enough to have the engine rebuilt. Boss was looking for another company car (for me) and I convinced him to get me a 2006 WRX Sti, sooo much fun. I may get to buy it from him in a year since he said he may start to lease company cars. Anyway, thanks for having me and looking forward to getting as much information as I can from you guys/gals.

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