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What does it cost you to run your car where you are?

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my $87 a month is for the same coverage as yours, we call it liability here.  I do have some dollar amount limits increased, but it only adds like $6 or so to do that.


diesels in general get better gas mileage than gas engines of similar size and power.  we used to have options back in the 80's, had diesel vw's, mercedes, and audi's that were 50ish mpg.  the most fuel efficient american car ever built was a Chevette that had an isuzu diesel in it and would almost get 60 mpg highway.  of course your talking 60-100hp diesels and the only thing they try to sell to us is big truck hauling turbo diesels.  theres also the biodiesel and veg conversions to add to that cost savings, so I for one, am disappointed that we don't have more options in diesels.


VW has been better than most at giving the american market some diesel cars.  my sister in law has a Jetta TDI that gets 50ish mpg.  problem is that so many of us don't remember that they already had a 50mpg Jetta 30 years ago.  I do think the TDI's can actually do better than that, theres a whole club of owners who talk about the 1k mile club or something like that (1k miles on 1 tank of fuel).  


the biggest problem today is that those cars are either old 300k mile cars, or brand new $40k cars, with little in between.  I owned 3 Chevettes when I was a teenager,  but the average american wouldn't or couldn't spend the time to fix and run one.  It also takes a lot of money to buy a fuel efficient new car so the great majority of us who have to keep an eye on the bottom line cant afford to drive cheap.  what is needed is a $3k-$5k option, where someone may recoupe fuel costs vs car and insurance payments in a year or so.  I think you would see a large jump to alternative fuels at that point (not that I would classify diesel as "alternative").


I dont know what the resistance is to be honest, other than someone just not wanting to do what everyone else does.  I'm not a fan of hybrids, though they are our best common option currently.  even they only really get 40ish on the average and that can almost be done on a gas engine if its built for that.  diesels are one of the most flexible and dependable systems around, get great mileage, and have already been able to work out most bugs and problems.  All they need is a shipping invoice and an add campaign, were plenty malleable in this country.

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Some of this is just gold!  LPGsuperchargedbrumby... SAY WHAT?!  What an awesome ride!  Photo??

On another note... Sin tax?  Are you serious?  OMG that is crazy...  Or is it less crazy than income tax of 21% here? True story.

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its not that crazy, they just tax the hell out of addictive stuff.  what works for Phillip Morris works for the US govmn't.  they just legalized marijuana in my state, and have about a 40% tax on it buying from a store.  don't want to go into too much inappropriate lingo but what has been $40 for the last 30 years would be around $80 with just taxes and fee's, not to mention markup for the end seller.


one thing you guys may not be used to is that we have federal, state, county, and local taxes.  our federal income tax for those of us working shlubs is around 20%, but states will impose their own (additional 10% in Oregon, many states are higher).  My state has no income tax but an 8% sales tax on all goods sold (pretty much).  there are only a couple of states that dont have both at the same time.  then the extra taxes on the sins, which approaches 40% or more sometimes and is additional to the normal taxes ($19.99 bottle of booze here, ends up at around $35). Property tax in my area is a county tax.  My city makes its money on levies and permits and services so theres not many taxes that I have noticed.


the absolute best part of it all, is that there is no law that requires us to pay federal income taxes, and actual court cases setting precedent of that, and you can still be thrown in jail for it.

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