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Steve W.

EJ22T after swap problems. Fuel cut at 3 to 5 lbs of boost.

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Has anyone ever noticed that the TPS wiring reverses color at the Engine loom connector? On mine anyway, Blk. and Wht. switch locations at that plug, Red stays in the middle. Other than shortening the loom I didn't change anything from when I pulled it out of the car. Just sayin' S.

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Say Ivan. If I was to switch over to an N.A. harness, I should be able to change it out from the engine harness connecters, (on the body side) and not have to mess with the eng. harness at all, no? The eng. side sensors should be the same N.A. or Turbo rite? What do you think Josh? I've got to do something, got a couple of bathroom remodels to do in Santa Fe soon, and don't want to drive that thirsty rump roast truck. Thanks, S.

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