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EA81 Blower circuit Jumper/Relay connection


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Ever wonder what the plaque that says "this vehicle equipped for the installation of optional A/C" means?  Driving yourself crazy looking for why your fan has no power and can't find the relay?


Well here's part of it.  First off, unless you have "Subaru" A/C.....you don't have a relay.


Later EA81 Blower circuits are setup with a connector, that provides for the Non-a/c fan circuit, to be bypassed......and run through a new relay.......bringing power for the blower fan through a single 20 amp glass fuse taped up in the harness.


I believe this leaves the original blower circuit extra electrical capacity to power the compresor clutch, fan relays and pressure switches,etc....


Here is a pic of the jumper that is in the setup from the factory on non-a/c cars.  This connector is up under the dash, right below the column, coming out of the big bundle on it's own 20" or so pigtail.  The glass fuse is wrapped up just a bit closer to the fuse box.






Here is what the circuit looks like after Dealer installed Genuine subaru A/C setups



And here's the thread that made me tear apart 2 dashes trying to find this sucker cause it was driving me nuts.......Never had to look for an EA81 blower relay before :)http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/140151-brat-blower-motor-relayproblem-solved/

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