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Hi, I bought a 2010 Forester yesterday and failed to notice during the test drive that when I go to brake my toes barely reach the pedal.  This is not because I'm too short and need longer legs, or because my seat isn't adjusted correctly. The distance from the floor to the pedal is longer than my foot.  The result is I have to lift my foot and heel off the floor in order to break, which means I do not have enough control over the brake and causes my leg to get fatigued in stop and go city traffic.  it's my understanding that the pedal height is not adjustable in this model.  Does anyone know of brake pedal covers that will elongate the pedal or floor mats with a built in rise for the heel?  Thank you all for any help you can give!

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I'm guessing you've already searched google?


Just how far is it from the pedal to the floor? Pedals aren't normally adjustable up or down, but adjusting the throw of the pedal (lengthening the pushrod that links the pedal to the brake booster) could raise the height of the pedal because of the arc of the pedal arm. I'm wondering if the previous owner had the pedal throw adjusted, and its just a matter of adjusting it back.


I've never heard of an extension that makes the pedal pad longer. I've seen plenty that move the pad closer to the driver (for a driver with short legs), but it doesn't seem like that's what you need.


The floormat idea could be the way to go, and you could fabricate something yourself out of carpet squares or underlayment foam that would give you as much lift as you need, just stack a few squares on top of each other and stick them under your floor mat. But be careful of it getting in the way of the gas pedal. You don't want the gas pedal to hang on the mat and cause it to get stuck in a down position and cause the car to run away.

Once you have a comfortable height glue the squares together, and use Velcro or floor mat clips to hold it in place.

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