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hello from new mexico

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im landon aka joking41 thought id get a profile on usmb as i am a owner or a 1987 subaru brat 246k and still ticking. had the car for not to long but im improving it here and there back to its original form.

ive got questions uve got answers!


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Welcome Joking41,   I see the picture was taken in the land of my birth place and you drive a Brat, two +'s. 


Big part of this site is the "search" box on the task bar.  Lots of the questions have all ready been asked and it makes it easier for others to reply when you have done your homework.  


If you have time and money, one modification that I would recommend is replacing the 4-speed with a 5-speed tranny.  It's not a have too, but it gives the Brat better performance out on those long stretches of highway.  So if the budget is tight, possibly another day, if you have money to pour, than highly recommended. 


Nice looking Brat and can only imagine it is rust free.  

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