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Question on 3rd gen/Loyale windshields

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The windshield glass on the 3rd gen bodies is glued on, and the rubber surround is just trim, correct?


I'm asking because while working on my 'rain came through the fresh air inlet' problem, I discovered that the

Safelite crew who replaced my cracked glass two years ago were a bit sloppy with the urethane, and had

managed to get some under and on the top edges of the plastic cowl pieces in spots. After removing the cowls,

I have two short spots where that rubber surround is lifted out of the channel between the body and glass. If it's just

trim, I should be good; if it's the actual seal, I'm screwed?

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Nah....that's just trim.


I didn't even reinstall it after I replaced my winddshield.


It's just sealed in with Butyl adhesive.

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