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Hello everyone !

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 Hi like this sight a lot and want to thank everyone that contributes and makes it all work. 

 My first Subaru was a 1995 legacy wagon. Loved that car. We were passing it around my family with a goal of 500k miles but it's life with me was cut short by some dude just trying to hurry up and get home so he could get a drink (his words not mine). She only had 210,000 on her.

 You know insurance company's don't pay near what it really takes to replace a car. but i was able to score a 1996 Subaru Legacy L for $500 since he could not even start it (fuel pump) but he dragged it home on a tow truck without removing the drive shaft and blah blah blah. I will fill in the details in further threads.

 Thanks again for everyone that loves to keep these things alive

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