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  1. I was gonna suggest a bent wheel. I have a 96 legacy wagon that had the same issue
  2. Well that didn't quite go as planned lol
  3. What an interesting journey this has been. I decided to retrace this harness with another meter since I remembered some anomalies I had experienced with my old meter some time back. I was on the verge of either removing the intake, fuel rails and all associated electronics when at the last minute I decided it would be a good idea to be pretty dang sure before I butchered Mt harnesses or replaced it. Turns our that I had an intermittent fault in the #2 fuel injector. Fortunately I kept the ones out of the 2.5 before I trashed it. Due to obvious design differences I have swapped all 4 and this 2.2 is running better than it has since I got it. Timing kit is on the way and I think I'll be good for quite some time to come
  4. Thanks for responding. I think I found my problem just a few minutes ago. I was out ohm tracing the wires from the pulse wire from the injector in question and discovered that the engine side wiring harness seems to have a bad connection that seems to be right at the back side of the 16 pin connector.I have replaced the 2.5 with a 2.2 from a 96 and I still have the engine harness from the 2.5 so maybe I'll get lucky with it. I just glanced over it and I'm not sure without a side by side comparison but I think it will work. Anybody know if all the sensor connectors are the same plug configuration between the two? Since I am not at the shop with it at this time my lighting situation is less than ideal so I can't visually compare until after work tomorrow
  5. 98 subaru legacy outback I drove to wichita today and she ran fine all the way there (about 40 or so miles) and everything seemed fine all the way there and most of the way back. I noticed before I made it home that the CEL was on and I read the codes and first it was misfire on #2 . after clearing the codes (I didn't get freeze frame data, I'm a bonehead) I instantly got P0264 I have proper voltage at injector 2 but I am not getting a pulse. I don't have a noid light but I checked a known working injector with the light I have and was able to see the pulse. I was at work while I was trying to sort this out and it got late so I just came home. I'm really hoping it's not the ECM since I'm really strapped for cash right now and driving my gas guzzler van isn't helping any at all. anyone have any suggestions or have run into this before then I'm all ears. Thanks
  6. Thank you. And my all wheel drive is working too. I'm really kind of glad I didn't buy the parts to fix it on the old one now
  7. She finally back on the road. I finished everything up yesterday evening. The yard shipped out my parts Monday and by Tuesday they had been d we delivered to my job about an hour after u left but I was too tired to work on it.
  8. They have agreed to ship the stubs to me at their expense. I hope they ship in a timely manner. They must not scrap too many subarus out there but thats no surprise to me
  9. I agree %100 . I was just looking at a 1000 mile trip to go get the transmission and then return the core at a later date. guess I just won't buy anything from them in the future since their guys are apparently hacks
  10. Thank you. I'm not sure they are available new, in my area anyway. I guess all I can do is hope they will ship them to me from the yard. I wasn't aware that they would just pull out still attached to the cv axle. Or I should say I hope they just pull out. I'd hate to think they destroyed my transmission just pull ing it from the wreck
  11. As I feared, taking in the core before installing the used transmission is going to cost me money. For some reason they pulled the output axles too and I didn't notice. I was sleep deprived and I thought I looked over it pretty well but obviously I did not. I will try to get them to mail them to me on Monday but I won't hold my breath. In the mean time I'm taking a shot in the dark and trying to find a set locally today so if anyone knows the part number or even just the proper name for these parts I would be grateful. Thanks in advance
  12. I actually thought about taking pictures and writing it up but because it was probably not the safest way to install it and as some of you know I don't always articulate my thoughts effectively and if my technique were to be exposed I would likely be banned from working on my stuff at our shop and possibly kicked off the safety committee lol
  13. /No they refused to waive the core but after leaving at 5am and getting back at 4pm I now have the used transmission bolted in but it's still at the shop and I'll finish hooking everything back up in the morning. Thankfully I have a good friend at work that jumped at the idea to make a road trip out of it with me because there is a pretty good chance my old van would not have made it. I made sure he didn't have to spend a dime on food or gas. I figured it was the least I could do.
  14. Road trip! I'm off to Missouri with a friend from work to get my transmission. We're about 2 hours away now and I can't wait to get it back and installed