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  1. Was the problem ever discovered? I'm seeing a P0172 on an identical Subaru (2002 5-speed Outback) and sometimes no code but always shuttering, especially at idle.
  2. Wiring had so much extras that I just scrapped the idea and went and found some manual seats to install. I did not feel like swapping wiring harnesses which is what would have been required. Thank you guys.
  3. I'm looking to upgrade my 2007 Outback with a little stiffer suspension since I often haul a lot of equipment or tools in the back of the car. I believe I read somewhere a long time ago that one could install the struts and springs from a 2000 - 2004 Outback into these newer Subaru's to beef up the suspension a little. Does anyone have info on this conversion or anything that would help me get a stronger set-up on the rear suspension?
  4. I have a 2007 Outback with manual non-heated seats. I also have access to a 2007 Outback with electric seats that are heated. The interior in my Outback is trashed and I want to swap the good interior from the broken car into mine. Has anybody dealt with installing seats that have wiring for electric and/or heated situations? I'm assuming that the entire wiring harness to some degree needs to be changed. Anybody that's been through the process could help me save time I'd appreciate it. All the love from Colorado!
  5. Drive gear ratios? I'm assuming differentials (both are 4.11) are exactly the same and don't need to be swapped. The 07 sounds like hell when driving especially in 3rd and pops out of 4th constantly. Otherwise it goes down the road at 70 mph alright. Owner just doesn't have any funds to have things rebuilt so used parts is her only option. I have plenty of tools and am helping for free. There was a front right side brake locked up and a super sloppy driveshaft I resolved first when I started the work. Gonna have replaced almost all the engine and drivetrain by the time we are completed. So your saying the gearing speed ratios inside the tranny and not the ones in the differential? Do we need to just wait for one from an 06 - 08 (or is it 05 - 07)?
  6. Only three things on these tranny's from what I can tell. The neutral safety switch, reverse light switch, and speed pickup. Even the axles and drive shafts are the same part numbers.
  7. So I have a question, I'm working on a 2007 Forester (TY755VC7AA) that has a bad transmission and all I can find locally is the 5-speed manual from a 2004 (TY755VC4AA). If both have 4.11 gears will this swap work okay? It seems that it should but I don't want to get into the job and find out it wasn't a compatible decision. Thoughts and experience could help thank you all happy Easter!
  8. LOL, GD I should buy them from you at that price! Best I've found is about $78 for the pair.
  9. Any difference from the 770 & the 642? Never mind, just read some older posts and for N/A it's kind of the same....
  10. Nope it's in the steering wheel that the shaking is present.
  11. Well the car I am talking about is a 2002 Outback wagon... The tires, brakes, and struts were replaced (not all at the same time) because they were worn out. The ball joints and wheel bearings were replaced because I thought it would fix the issue after the above items didn't. The rack and pump were leaking and simply was replaced along with everything in time somewhere. Always there's been a shaking issue. I've see this exact same issue on a friends 2013 Forester xt although she has done brakes struts wheel bearings and tires due to wear she has not yet done her rack and pinion, although it is leaking. Very confusing on both vehicles hence why I'm here. Oh and elaborate on what you mean by misaligned brakes when installing? I've done is zillion brake jobs on different cars, Subaru's included. I'm going to try those bushings next. I honestly think the last owner simply destroyed them with worn out struts. The rear lateral link bushings I had to replace right of the bat when I bought the car because it squeaked so much.
  12. idosubaru, Thank you for this tip, I had not thought about the bushings. My guess is you're correct and I am going to try this next. Everything else has been replaced (ball joints, rack, wheel bearings, struts, etc) and when I had originally bought it the previous owner had been driving on blown out struts for some time.
  13. Sirtokesalot, Colorado here, we have a similar shaking issue (and it's not our toking that's doing it) we've replaced brakes pads/rotors, struts, tires, power steering pump, etc..... Did you ever figure this one out?