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Found 8 results

  1. weird, Brat jump seats, - dunno if they could be salvaged off those bases, fyi https://albany.craigslist.org/art/d/albany-funky-seats/7381909946.html
  2. I have a 2007 Outback with manual non-heated seats. I also have access to a 2007 Outback with electric seats that are heated. The interior in my Outback is trashed and I want to swap the good interior from the broken car into mine. Has anybody dealt with installing seats that have wiring for electric and/or heated situations? I'm assuming that the entire wiring harness to some degree needs to be changed. Anybody that's been through the process could help me save time I'd appreciate it. All the love from Colorado!
  3. Hi, I am new to the forum but hope I can get some help and also help out. I want to swap manual seats for power heated ones in a 2000 legacy L. I already know 2000 to 2004 are interchangeable. I also know the fancier seats are in Outbacks. OK. To put LL Bean leather power seats from a 2003 outback into the 2000 Legacy is easy. You may have to change the seat belt receptacle but other wise the bolts are the same everything goes right in. In the 2000 Legacy I have the line for the power seat is right there under the driver's seat. OK so far. But it has no power. When I looked at a 2001 outback with a power seat there were no extra fuses but I think an extra circuit breaker or some such creature under the left dash. Where is the end of this seat power cable and are the input lines for the circuit breaker under the dash? Also for the seat heaters the situation is similar. No power lines, but if you take out the switches and cable from the Outback you have what you need and again there seems to be an another circuit breaker under the dash that I need to hook up to. Any suggestions and info will be greatly appreciated. If, no when I get this working I will let you all know how to do it. Thanks, Ken
  4. Hello! I recently acquired a 79 BRAT from my brother, and it runs great with a minor exhaust leak. The car itself is in pretty rough condition right now, missing some parts... and I am having some difficulty finding a good source for parts. I am specifically looking for: Driver and Passenger Seats................ (Mine are ratty and extremely uncomfortable) Drivers Side Mirror........................ (I have the mount but the actual mirror has either been broken or fallen off) Drivers Side Door handle..................(Passenger's is in place but doesn't work) Complete Dash ................(or cover, the dash is very cracked) Accelerator Pedal .............(The rubber/plastic part is missing so it is just a metal arm) Tailgate .............................(Worst rust on the car is along the base of the tailgate, completely rusted through) Jumpseats? ......................(missing these, deciding if I want them) As well as some decorative paneling on the exterior. There could be more missing that I don't recognize. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4hYW5xQU7URNFdXMTFHTVdxSHc/view?usp=sharing Any advice would be appreciated, Thanks!
  5. Have a problem with my 2001 Outback LL Bean wagon front drivers seat. It is the eight way power seat with heat and side air bag, and the problem is with the seat recline feature. In the past, it would occasionally "give" when too much pressure was applied (like when you reach in your back pocket for your wallet in the drive through). Now it won't stay wherever you adjust it to. It will adjust normally if you are not sitting in it, but it "releases" on any pressure put on the seat back. I have lowered the rear seat which helps hold the seat back up, but I obviously can't keep driving it this way. I have pulled the seat out enough to remove the left hand side cover to check the gears. I found no missing or ground down teeth, so I'm thinking it has to do with the gear attachment to the seat back itself?!?! I want to try and get a replacement seat to use while I troubleshoot the original one. What other seats will fit? The only thing I am concerned with is that it has an airbag, as I want to avoid an ABS fault. I don't care if it's cloth or leather, heated or not, manual or electric - just so it bolts in and gets me down the road for now. Help!
  6. I'd like to swap out the driver's seat for something newer and more comfy. I don't care what it looks like but I don't want to do a lot of modification. Are there any particular seats I should consider looking for at the PnP? I DID managed to add some comfort to the butt-pad part of the stock seat a few years back by trading the butt-pad from the passenger side seat however newer car seats are much more comfortable on my blobby shape. It's the same pad, but(t) you just need to switch the plastic trim to the other side. Historically I have not been shy about periodically removing the seats/backs, taking them to the DIY carwash and pressure sudsing then rinsing them. Same with the carpet. Funky smells be gone! ###
  7. Total newb here as far as subarus go. My dad left me an 85 gl wagon with 245.000 on the odo. He loved that car and drove it for 25 years. I used to kid him about being stuck in 85 with billy idol. He had a sense of humor and wrote that I was the only one of his sons who would appreciate that car. lol. She is in pretty good shape considering the miles. I have been crawling the forums and reading the manuals for about 2 weeks now. Its amazing how much knowledge and good advice is stored in here. Ive got my subie torn down and ready for rebuilding. Body is sharp and solid. Good paint, rust free and never dented. Interior is pretty decent ......again....considering the miles. The exception is the front seats. Looks like a squirrel or t-rex got inside and chewed a home for the winter. I was browsing the local craigslist and ran across 2 brand new seats for an 05 forester a guy was selling for 100 bucks. Elect, leather heated seats with airbags. LLBean edition I think. So I snapped em up. Still had dust covers on them. They are 3 inches longer in the seat and 2 inches taller. Width is the same as far as I can tell. Rails are quite different as one would expect. will post some pics soon. I am thinking that I need to replace the rails off the new seats with the ones off the old seats. Has anyone done this before? Any advice? Better ideas?
  8. Selling complete vehicle or parting out. 88k original miles. Needs new transmission. Located Kingman AZ close to Las Vegas, NV All offers considered engine type EA82 1.8L single port fuel injected. Transmission type 3AT or M41 hydraulic controlled and vacuum. 1st gear works 2nd and 3rd wont shift into I think its the valve body or clutch pack. Power windows, locks, basically everything else works and many parts in excellent condition. Just not a mechanic and not interested in fixing. Engine runs great AC works excellent. Cash only or trade for trailer. Mark 928-377-9603 markwebfile@gmail.com
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