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  1. I just ended up grinding and chiseling away the block to gain access. I tried drilling it out but the flywheel was in the way and I could not drill perfectly straight and then I ened up breaking a atraight bolt extractor I just bought for the job. Thanks for everyones advise.
  2. Ok. THanks. I will try drilling it out first. I dont want to hurt the thread on the torque convertor. How exactly would I drill this out? Do I just use a slightly smaller drill bit? Sorry for being a pain.
  3. I have 06 Outback with an auto transmission and a NA EJ25 that has a connecting rod sticking our of the block next to the oil pressure gauge. Dont you love it when you can diagnos the problem 3 seconds after opening the hood! The motor only moved a few degrees so I was only able to get out one torque convertor bolt. I pulled the motor with the torque convertor as I could see no other way to get it out. Any ideas on how to get the torque convertor off the engine, now that its sitiing on my garage floor. Short Block is garbage. I will take off the heads and reuse them on a 2002 EJ25 I pulled from pick n pull. Does anyone happen to know if the 2002 torque convertor will work the 2006? I could go and pick it up as the pick and pull is close to me. Also I need to get the PCV valve conection off the Garbage block. Is this pressed in. With the dual outlets on this PCV connnection coming out of the block, I cant seem to figure out how to get it out as I cant get a wrench or socket on it. Thanks again for everyones input. ?
  4. I cant use the heads from the pick and pull engine because they are from an 02 EJ25 and the the heads from the 06 Forester are different.
  5. Thanks everyone. I should have mentioned that the 08 has a hole in the block. Not sure if it was overheated, I bought it that way from a shop and not directly form the owner. So zero history on the car, so not sure if it was overheated or not. I will try to get in touch with the previous owner and see exactly what happened. THe car is a manual and it was driven by a young male so he may have just been really hard on it!
  6. So im off to pick and pull to get an EJ25 SOHC from an 03 outback. I dont need the heads, as I will be using the heads from my 08 impreza. My question is do I need to keep track of the head bolts from the 03 or should I just use the ones from the 08? From the research I've done everyone seems to say no new heads bolts need to be purchased. Thanks in advance for everyones help.
  7. Ok. thanks for all the help. I think due to the fact that the zero comp engine may have been overheated I will be going to get the one from pick and pull
  8. Ok. THahks guys. It would be nice to have someone to help me out., but I don't have anyone like that so I spend a lot of time researching and taking things slow. So I bought a 04 na Ej25 sohc Forester today as a parts car. I paid $280 and thats basically what the tires are worth. I bought it from someone who had it for a year and spent the whole time on vacation with it. From all the paperwork I got it seems it was driven about 20 000 miles. Car has 165 000 miles on it. It idles very rough so I did a compression test. 190 psi on 3 cylinders and zero on the last one. I did some research on this and my question is how can I tell if this problem is in the head or a problem with the rings or pistons etc. I dont need the heads. I will be using the heads from the 08 impreza. I went through the paperwork and a jiffy lube mentioned no oil on dipstick when the car was brought in, so I figure it was overheated. Should I just stay away from this engine? I did see a nice 03 Outback with similiar milage in the my pick n pull that was in a small fender bender and written off by our goverment insurance agency. Would love to hear everyones opinon on this.
  9. I just picked up a 08 Impreza sedan, 5 speed EJ25 Sohc, with a hole in the block. Looks like connecting rod did it. I noticed that this motor has a soleniod in the head. I think its for variable timing. Can I take a EJ25 SOHC short block from lets say 2000 to 2004 and use the 08 heads? I will take heads to a machine shop. I have never done a head gasket job but I did watch 4 good videos on it, and if I take my time I think I can do it. Thanks for everyones time and input. It is much apprecaited.
  10. Ok I finally got it back together. But the transmisson seems to be sliipping, not sure if this is related. I will keep it as a winter beater and see how it goes. AT least I learned a lot and it gives me time to find a low mileage tranny. Body motor and interior are real nice. Thanks again for everyones help.
  11. When you say "drum" do you mean the large round thing currently on my rear housing, or the large round thing currently on my tranny? I really did try hard to keep everything together, not sure how it cam off like this. Twice. I have the service manual. Confused the spoob out of me. I cant seem to make heads or tales of it.
  12. Ok, thanks for everyones patience. I got my old digital camera out. So pic 1 is the rear housing from my car. You can see I placed one of the clutch bands that just came loose. Picture 2 (no clutch band at the bottom of pic) is of the one I took from pick and pull. Almost the same situation but bands stayed together (did not fall out) although they seem loose. Pic 3 and 4 is from my car at the back of the tranny. I took two different angles to try to show what was left on it when I pulled off the rear housing. So I guess my question is, how do put this back together, and I guess more specifically, what to do with the loose clutch bands. Thanks again I really want to get this toegether properly. I called mt local dlr (Kelowna Canada) yesterday and the gasket wont be here till tuesday, so I do have some time to try to figure this out. I will try to read the factory manual later tonight but sometimes that stuff goes over my head. Ps I just noticed the little o ring on pic two. I will make sure I dont miss it or double up on it. lol O
  13. I just watched a video on u tube. 4AT/Phase 2 Teardown. It ssems that on both my car and the pick pull car, when the rear extension housing came off the tranny, the transfer clutch stayed in the extension housing and not on the tranny. So some of the clutch pack rings are loose. II wonder if my VDC makes it a bit different? I will dig out my old digital camera and figure out how to post some pics.
  14. I posted some pics on Flickr and I am having trouble figuring out how to get them here. Have spent 45 minutes doing this. A bit frustrating. Im not a comptuter person. Oh well, I have run out of time for now, will have to try again later.