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  1. I checked for oil in all 4 spark plug holes. None. I changed IACV, did not help. I changed throttle postition sensor. Nothing. I am sure glad pick n pull is a mile from my house. lol Ok I guess I will order a new front O2 sensor from rock auto. I was told this may be the problem. I am in Canada and the shiiping will take 10 days. I will report back! Thanks again for everyones help
  2. Ok. I check my plug boots for oil, and check throttle body and IACV. I will report back tommor ow. Thanks again for your help!
  3. Thanks for everyones input. I will check for a vacum leak. I do have a question about the timing? Why would it run better in warmer outside air temp than in the cold. Would I be correct to assume that this point more to a sensor problem.
  4. I have a 2001 Legacy EJ25 automatic with low speed hesitation problems. Car is new to me and has 130 000 miles on it. It does look like it was in a bit of a fender bender and had a front fender replaced. I looked underneath the car and it does not look major. Car was giving codes for 3 missfiring cylinders. I changed igintion coil, new NGK plugs and wires. Codes are now gone. Its better, but hesiitation at low speeds is still there, sometimes it will make a poping noise once or twice (backfire I think). It was cold this morning (40) and she stalled out for the first time, so the cold does seem to make it worse. I have searched a around and some say to change the front O2 sensor even though no codes and some say to check grounds. I am checking the grounds but I just want to know if anyone else has any additional experience or thoughts on this? If someone can tell me which grounds to check that would also be a help. Electrical work is not my strong point but I guess I will learn! Thank you for your time , it is much appreciated. I
  5. Thanks, I checked out car-part.com but got some non consistent answers when cross referencing. I was hoping someone on this site could let me know what their actual experience is. I also called up a couple of dealers and got different answers. Specifically I would like to swap an 04 Impreza TS knuckle for an 01 legacy, and then a 92 legacy for an 01 legacy. The 92 legacy does not have abs so no worries there.
  6. I need to replace the front hub/knuckle on my 04 Impreza(it has abs). Does anyone know what years and models I can get it from? Also a link to a good write up (for a novice) on how to do this without power tools would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time.
  7. Thanks for the tips guys, I will try the smaller punch from the other side!
  8. Its an 04 Impreza with a manual. Went to change front CV axles. First one went fine. I punched out roll pin from the unbeveled hole side of the DOJ housing as per write up I found. The second CV axle has the pin sticking out about 20% of its length on the beveled side so I went to the unbeveled side to knock it out. It did not come out and the part sticking out snapped off. I soaked the stuck pin for and hour and then went back to work from the unbeveled side again with a 5 lb hammer. I have been using the correct punch, and I cant get it out. I think the common mistake of installing it half a tooth off was made. My questions are 1) SHould I keep trying to hit it harder from only the unbeveled side (as opposed to swicthing sides) and 2) I am afraid if I keep hitting it I will damage the tranny? or should I just whale away. Any suggestions. I have done a this job a few times and never had this problem. Thanks.
  9. I agree that the tps is the most likely culprit, since I put one on from an EJ25. I am not really sure I followed the correct procedure though. What is the correct procedure to install a TPS sensor ??. I also called my local dealer, and they told me that the the EJ22 tps sensor is specific to the ej22 and ones taken from a EJ25 will not work. I go on ebay and rock auto and they say different. The dealer said the part number is 22633AA151 or 2263AA15B. Anyone have any experience with this. I went to my local pick and pull and pull and could not find one from a ej22. I would go ahead and order the 22633AA151 from ebay but am worried it will not work and I cant afford the one from the dealer. Thanks for taking the time to read this any help is always much appreciated.
  10. Thanks guys much appreciated, I will try the suggestions and let everyone know how it went.
  11. I sprayed starter fluid. It kept running and then I put my foot on the gas and held it at a high Rpm for 2 minutes, and the engine ran. When I let go of the gas she stumbles and stalls. I think the fuel pump is good, and voltage at battery is good (new battery). Also still no codes. Checked all vacum lines again, looked good. I dont know how to check for good grounds. Is it possible the timing belt skipped a few teeth? I have done a couple of timing belt jobs and never had an issue. This has me stumped.
  12. Thanks for the ideas. I will try them out and get back.
  13. I have a 99 Legacy with the EJ22, auto 180 000 miles. I just got bought the car real cheap because the water pump leaked. I changed the water pump and timing belt and idlers. I also had to change the throttle postion sensor (used one from pick pull) because I broke it with a large prybar holding the flywheel when I took off the crankshaft pulley. So after the timing belt job the motor ran great for about 20 min, while I slowly refiled the the rad. Now for some reason when I start the engine, it it only idles for 5 seconds and then dies. It did throw a 1507 idle control code at first buy not any more. Any ideas on what to check first? I wonder why I am not getting any codes at all on my scanner? Seems weird that it would run fine for 20 min and then not! I feel it should be related to something I did, but I triple checked all vacum lines and without any codes I am lost? I do have a 98 ej22 auto parts carts handy. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks