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Another suspension question 2010 OB Parts

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OK, I want to apologize first about asking questions that have been asked a multitude of times. Ive read through the various threads to try to make sense of what they recommend but they have mostly served only to further confuse me, this is surely due to my being a little dense.

All of my subarus have been bone stock and Ive enjoyed them thoroughly. Each one of them have served me faithfully and fully, a testament to the great designs put forth by Fuji Heavy Industries. I am sure however, that these great cars can be made even better, as evidenced by the many threads and accolades here on this board and others. I too want to experience the next level of performance attainable and I want to start with the suspension.

Like I said, reading all of these threads about what to do has only further confused me, this impreza part will work on this car ut not that one, this year from this model will work but not the other one, forester will work here but not there Lagacy will work, Legacy will not work etc... Sorry but I have given up trying to decipher it all and need the simplified, condensed version. Im not lazy and I did use the search function extensively to no avail, only strained eyes and a headache.

Here is what I have and what I want to do.

2010 OB, I want to firm up and maximize the suspension. My wife(her new car) drives almost an hour to work, one way, from Easton Md to Annapolis Md, being very flat and close to the ocean, it is very windy. Couple that with two trips a ay across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and she get real nervous with all of the wind warnings. Im sure most here know the new gen OB's get a little squirrely at highway speeds and the high winds don't help.

What I would like to ask is who makes front and rear sway bars and HD bushings for this model. If they are from the same company so much the better, if not, that's OK too. Part numbers? I did locate the new, heavier duty mounts for the rear sway bar. Who makes good springs? Stock HT OK but a little (1" or so) lift is OK too. Part numbers? What struts should I pair the coil springs with.

If, and here is where I start to get really confused, if there are sway bars, springs, and/or struts for another Subaru that will fir, and work well, on the '10 OB, what are they? What years? Ive seen parts for the impreza, legacy gt, and forester, all different years, that will work on different OB's  but I can not keep track of them all.

Due to a worsening inability to concentrate for long periods of time, (there is a name for that) I do best with simple, succinct lists. Part numbers and vendors would be best.

Also, any other bracing/stiffening components available for this year OB that anyone knows of? Im not wanting to build a racer obviously, but I do enjoy a nice handling car as much as anyone else. 

I know Im asking a lot but any help will be greatly appreciated.



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