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subaru gl 84 aftermarket help!

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i have a 1984 subaru gl and i want to run as bigg as tires as i can i want to stuff 33s or even 35s i know this is very hard to do and i havnt seen it done much. and i want to upgrade my suspension more.


can i get better gears to push the bigger tires?


if not what can i do to push that big of tire?


how can i get more flex out of my subi?


please help ive been pulling my hair out trying to find any help with all that stuff.



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Ej22 with adapter plate mated to a 5 speed d/r. From what i've seen your going to need a 8" plus lift so they don't rub like crazy. Which at that point you might as well put on solid axels and a t-case.

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