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freaky frankenmotor early 2.2 - late 2.2 questions

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1993 Legacy Ej 2.2 phase 1 heads, intake, harness, and ECU on a Phase 2 EJ2.2 block?


Hi this may seem like a stupid question, to which I have found no no answer... Presumably because anyone thinking of changing their shortblock would want to go UP in displacement in the process, hence all the 2.2 to 2.5 frankendiscussions...  


I have an unusual situation because California emissions require that I use an EJ22 block and pre-94 emissions (OBD 1)  for my Vanagon conversion.


I am building an "as new" motor, to last many long years and have purchased a factory Phase 2 Ej22 crate short block and have had the Phase 1 heads rebuilt and a valve job performed to use as a basis.  


A 1993 Legacy L donor car and will supply the heads & all the intake & emissions systems as required by CA..

Are there any special considerations to using the phase 1 2.2 heads on the phase 2 block? 




I am aware that the compression will go up and that the engine becomes an interference motor.

Have done a test build of the long block, and timing, and everything goes together fine, Intake manifold lines up correctly, etc...  


BUT... are there any "special" considerations?? 


Phase one, or Phase 2 head gaskets usable?? or modifications to either?


Tweaks or other considerations to correct for the higher compression? 

(the motor is self adjusting but, to what limits?)


 Thanks!!!   :D


the project:



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