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turbo justy on megasquirt

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i introduce you my project :


its a subaru justy 1.2 4wd 3 cylinder engine 70 hp stock 


i install:

 vf19 from a legacy twin turbo (primary turbo)

 small intercooler from a mitusbishi pajero jr

 apexi safc2

apexi sitc

apexi avcr

hks FCD

external wastegate charging 5 psi for now

innovate wideband 

boost pressure gauge

328 cc injectors from a ford probe gt (denso injectors)

copper head gasket (65% taller) 


now the ecu its limited to his max potential , i think he has now idea whats going on in there haha

the problem that i have was whit timing ignition at high boost (8-9 psi) detonation occurs even whit the sitc working on top

so now im finishing to install a megasquirt 2 pcb 3.0 (and remove and sold all apexis and hks sutff) so i can actively control the timing and fuel on map pressure rater rpm or tps


i will upload pictures today 

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