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Speedometer intermittently drops out, 99 OBW

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Hi all,

Recently picked up a 99 outback automatic with 101K that needed head gaskets for $400. Decent shape for around here, overall a good deal, especially since this is my 4th second gen and 4th Subaru motor job. Removed and re-sealed the engine and legally put it on the road today. It was un-registered when I got it so I had to dolly tow it 25 miles home. Runs and drives great. I drove it 18 miles from home to the shop I work at in FWD mode, with the driveshaft disconnected and bungied up and the FWD fuse in, no issues. Got to the shop and re-connected the driveshaft on the lift cause I'm lazy-ish. Also changed wheels from the correct P205/70R15 to some free snows I got, slightly undersized at P205/65R15. Passed the car for safety/emissions inspection. Driving home, the speedometer and odometer intermittently dropped out and then came back several times, then eventually dropped out and didn't come back. Didn't happen over bumps and no CEL. I pulled over and popped the FWD fuse back in to see if that'd make a difference, still no speedo. I don't have wiring diagrams and have no clue where the speed sensor is on automatics. Any advice on where to look/common problems? Would anything I do have cause a problem? Also my internet is out for who knows how long so my research is limited

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Awesome, thanks! First time soldering a circuit board, but it fixed it! Funny thing, somebody's been there before, there was a wad of paper jammed in the side of the one wire connector. Apparently the band-aid just expired for me.

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