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What Top 3 Engines Would be Best to Use?

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If anyone is wondering. The reason why I am concerned with the factory ratios is due to the fact that I will be running smaller tires and a different transmission. I also want to get good gas mileage and I do not want the engine to race (RPM too high) at highway speeds. My hope it that I can come close to what the factory came up with.

I also need to be 100% sure of the correct rotation of a EZ36. Because I am looking into different transmissions. My guess is that they turn Clockwise. But I have not found anything concrete in my searches.


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The subaru auto is most often configured as a FWD transmission with a clutchpack to redirect power to the rear wheels, so it's easy to delete that part of the trans for use in your situation. Some of them were equiped with VTD center differentials, usually in VDC equipped cars, which I mention because you're looking at H6's, which that was an option on. On those you would need to swap in the gear from a MPT awd auto to eliminate the center diff in the VTD equipped trans. Also easy to do.


The manuals, I would not recommend looking for a FWD version. Subaru sold them up till 1996 or so, but it's not as strong of a transmission. Buy a "subaspool" from these guys to convert an AWD trans to a FWD: http://www.subarugears.com/Pricing/Pricing.html

They also sell an endplate for the transmission to shorten it up a bit once you delete the center diff if you have space constraints.

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