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2018 Legacy Sport with Keyless Entry and the Remote Start Option

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I ordered my 2018 Legacy Sport with Remote start.  I think the option was dealer installed.


I can use either the Keyless Entry FOB, or the separate Remote Start FOB  to start the car remotely.  I think the optional remote start FOB had a greater range than the Keyless entry FOB.


If I use the Keyless Entry FOB:


  • Press the Lock button 3-times; twice a quick press, and then a press and hold for the 3rd.


If I use the Remote Start FOB:


  • Press the lock button on the Keyless FOB, the press the the Remote Start FOB button three times.


I took the instructions from this

  It is a youtube video that was made by a Subaru Dealership. 

My remote does not quite work like that.  All I need to do is press the remote button twice and it starts.  Maybe the door is already locked.

If the range of the Optional Remote FOB is not greater than the Keyless FOB, then the $450 option does not have as much value imo.


Now that any procedural questions should be clarified, here is the problem / question:


No matter which method I use, the car shuts off when I open the door.  Is there a way to open the door with the car still running?


Thank you,


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The salesman from the dealership got back to me, and he said that  it is normal for the vehicle to shut off when you open the door. It has to be restarted by the button on the dash  to release the locking mechanism on the steering wheel.


The Subaru Remote Start on my 2013 Forester will let you unlock the door with the FOB and then enter the car without the motor shutting off.  The key has to be put in the ignition and turned; otherwise the motor will shut off.  I think turning the key is what unlocks the steering column in the Forester.  The push-button start in my 2018 Legacy Sport is different.  The motor shuts off to force you to restart it with the push button which then unlocks it.


The 2018 Legacy 2.5i, and the 2018 Legacy 2.5i Premium still have the ignition key.  I think the remote start would work the same for them as it does on my 2013 Forester.  I am not sure because I have no way to check it.


The Optional Remote Start FOB does have a much longer range than the Keyless Entry FOB does.   The optional Remote start has something like a 400ft range while the range on the standard keyless FOB is about 30ft.


The Legacy Sport also has a heater in the windshield that melts the ice under the wiper blades.  That way the blades are not damaged by chipping at any ice build up in the winter.  The optional remote start feature still has value for me, and I am glad that I got it.  I live in Northern Michigan so the winters can be long and brutal.

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