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Gen 1 ej22 swap, can’t find any threads

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I just got my first brat, hugely awesome deal. Paid 700 for a 79 brat with the camper shell and perfect jump seats with headrests and all. We had to stop messing with it cause we didn’t want to get it started in front of the people we were buying it from lol. The things is I keep reading that these motors just have no power at all and I can’t find any info on a gen 1 ej22 swap, maybe my search function just doesn’t like me lol

Also looking to throw in a 5 spd when I do the swap. I don’t imagine the swap will be too different from the newer ones but I’d feel more comfortable having knowledge a bit more specific to my car. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated ! *including links to good posts on the subject of you happen to know of any

And I’m definitle keeping anything I take off, this things is is damn good condition and all original so I want to keep everything as intact as possible so one day I can return it to stock

And I definitely don’t want to limit it to fwd or rwd

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if you ever want to return it to stock, don't put an EJ in it.


I believe you will have to notch frame rails, alter shifter linkage and floor hole, and modify fuel system, just to name a few.


If you don't want to go back to stock great, but if an "original" state is ever to be achieved again don't swap it.  If anything put an EA81 in it.  The first gen brats are so light the EA81 will be plenty peppy in it.

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