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New to USMB from AZ

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Hi all, like to title says I'm new to USMB but not new to cars or life. When I was younger I briefly wrenched for a living but I prefer to do it mostly for myself and for fun. Fun meaning racing; I raced autoX and then SCCA road racing for years and hope to take another shot at it before it's "too late". I did a partial season of roundy round and one off road race. None were in Subarus but I've been keeping my '78 Wagon to serve as a service vehicle for longer off road races. 


I'll be reading up on the '97 Ru Outback first as it has a blown head gasket so I'll be looking for some details on that and maybe doing a few upgrades while I'm in there.




P.S. Oh yeah, I'll try to help with answers where I can so as not to be a total leach here.  :huh:

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