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Hello all, I recently got a 1995 Legacy Sedan (2.2L), with 80K miles (128K km) for my stepdaughter; now I'm jealous of her car! I do have the task of maintaining it. I was wondering, what's the recommended mileage for changing the timing belt. Also, I'm generally wondering what sort of fuel mileage to expect. On her first tank of gas she got about 20 mpg, which seemed a little low. Right now she's pretty much 100% city driving. I haven't done anything to it yet , but I do anticipate changing the plugs and plug wires, and a bunch of routine maintenance.

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Timing Belt change interval is 60k miles. If the car was maintained properly it should have been done. Hopefully you can check the service records on the car. The other things to check are the cam seals, which can start to leak a bit between 70 and 90k miles. They usually create a slight oil burning smell from under the hood. If a good mechanic changed the t-belt the seals should have been inspected and replaced as needed. These are great cars that give great service. Consider changing, not just checking, the levels of the front and rear differential oils (if it's an automatic) that is something that you can do it yourself.


Check the board by using the search, plenty of info that comes in handy.


20 MPG around town isn't unusual; I expect 23-25 in mixed driving and maybe 28-29 or a little better on the highway from our MY95.


***You’re mileage may vary*** :burnout:

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