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Found "Official" place to complain about 2.5 HG problem!

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My '92 Loyale is now dead! I'm really searching now for a Gt Wgn! I HATE this 2.5 HG problem! In my search for more info....I stumpled upon the Center For Auto Safety. You lodge a real complaint here, or take the link to NHTSA and lodge a complaint there! In order to make this 2.5 Head Gasket complaint real, in order to get a recall, we have to complain to more of an officail place! This Board IS Great as we all know! But not official enough for SoA to do anything for us!









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I'm not familiar with this site, but as far as I know, the NHTSA doesn’t care about mechanical problems that are not safety defects. From their website:


Your complaint information will be entered into NHTSA's vehicle owner's complaint database and used with other complaints to determine if a safety-related defect trend exists.”


They do not trend mechanical problems (head gaskets and such), unless they pose an immediate safety risk. They only have the power to issue recalls for safety related defects. It is up to the manufacturer if they want to issue recalls for mechanical problems (to keep their name). The only other thing that can help is to form a class action lawsuit. I believe that owners of a certain Toyota engine did this a few years back with success.

I guess it can't hurt, but I don't believe the government has any intervention. I think the only thing that can help is a class action suit...

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