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Torque bind?????


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I've got a 2013 Impreza but it's been raised with XV struts and the angles are closer to a XV than an Impreza so I'm posting this here. I've got a noise I believe is similar to what I read torque bind sounds like(it's a pop sound). However it doesn't happen in tight turns but only when a wheel meets an uneven surface, like a pothole or I'm turning into a driveway. I had just replaced front A arms so I've been chasing bolts thinking I didn't get something tight enough because originally it was just front right. However the last few days I've started to notice left front and occasionally from a rear. I did replace the front right axle right about the time it started due to a cracked boot. The car has almost 200k but the CVs didn't feel bad, the one had just gotten dry so instead of replacing the boot I just got a new one. I'm about ready to take the car to the nearest cliff and send it on it's way. It's been a great car but chasing something I can't figure out is getting old. Could only doing one axle have cause it to bind instantly when one wheel gets a drastically different distance than the others? I realize it very could be a terminal CTV issue. Buying an Outback when this car is done, I'm not anti Subaru by any means, my wife has an outback and I've had 3 others in the past. Thanks.  

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