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overheating, head gasket issues, What next? the transmission?

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Greetings from flooded Harrisburg,Pa


Just a few words on this subject


We will NOT be driving the GT through Subaru Corp's window just venting, Honest


When we purchased (Oct 98) our GT we did research the net,etc along with talking to Gt owners this fault had not become a issue yet.


As for the preemptive HG replacement as a part of maintenance that is just a bit to much. Belts hoses chains fluids etc ? Yes, but head gaskets Thank You but NO


In my 20 plus years of owning cars of various makes mostly from Europe and Japan with high miles 100k on up I have never had to replace a HG on any of them preemptive or not


This along with friends who drive Subarus with 200,000/300,000 miles on them that have never had a major problem are just floored that this has happened to a Subaru


As we have said in a previous post


We are going to keep the GT work through this disappointment and invest in a new HG from Subaru Does anyone have the New and improved HG Part # ?



Have fun




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