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Which Nissan T-case to use?

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I have a Nissan T case mated to a manual tranny out of a newer Nissan Truck. Is this the one needed for the front axle conversion or is there a different divorced version that is needed.



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How tough is the conversion to a T-case?


What drivelines does one use?


Is there a write up on the transformation somewhere?


Just thinking out loud...nothing planned?


82 SubaruHummer

01 Forester

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The divorced transfer case from an 80-85 datsun/nissan 720 4x4 is required, along with the intermediate, and front/rear driveshafts. You might also want the tcase mount to adapt in or use as a guide. Other choices are the lada niva ft4wd tcase, and the suzuki case. Heres an earlier thread outlining the different transfer cases:




How tough? Much tougher than doing a standard subframe lift. In addition to making the 8"+ subframe/strut lift blocks, you have to incorporate custom motor mount brackets, brackets to hold a rear diff up front, and a mount for the tcase, which involves running tube from the front blocks to the rear in order to make a solid may of mounting the case. I chose to weld the square tubing on the inside of the unibody (through the floorboards).


Another thing I'd like to add is that if you build a 6+" lift and don't want to go with the tcase initially, you can do the tcase conversion later without redoing all your blocks, you just have to add the brackets to lift the motor back to stock height relative to the body, and mount the diff/tcase.



For pictures check out:










Bushbashers (ME): Keep in mind this is an ea82 which means there are some differences in the suspension compared to the others.








"Unhatched": (bottom of page 1 and beginning of page 2)








If anyone else has some underbody or techy shots of their tcased sube post up.


im gonnna start working on starting a t-case faq that others can add to.


also, a double doj FAQ as well.

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