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  1. Sweet82

    I'd like to try to make a side by side buggy.

    Re-Bump! Updates...? Inquiring minds want to know.
  2. There's a number of Buggies out there. http://www.ulitimatesubaru.org/gallery/member/494-sweet82/ This is a just an 82 GL with a different body.
  3. Sweet82

    home made traction controle?

    I installed two park brakes. One goes to each front wheel. Whichever one is in the air...gets the brake. The welded diff is the real ticket.
  4. Sweet82

    I'd like to try to make a side by side buggy.

    Bump! Think of this as motivation to get back into Finish Mode!
  5. Sweet82

    I'd like to try to make a side by side buggy.

    Snow is down to 26-28 inches now. On a good cold morning I could probably get Summer out over the top of the crust. Maybe. As Winter drifts away Summer will come out to Play! Still looking for some update pics...
  6. Sweet82

    I'd like to try to make a side by side buggy.

    I did most of the work on Summer over the Winter? Just had the welder and a space heater to keep me warm. Lets have a winter progress report! (Summer is doing well but in a garage surrounded by a little over 3 feet of snow) I need to adapt a plow! Or pack some snowmobile tracks?
  7. Sweet82

    I'd like to try to make a side by side buggy.

    The Stalker and the bandit are the same basic frames/plans. There are only minor differences in the top side & rear end designs. I dropped the front of my hood by 9" from that the plans called for. Why have the hood and fenders blocking your view? I also minimized anything that goes farther forward than the radiator. I wanted a good angle of approach. Us a Chevrolet S10 rear seat as it fits nicely. It will include integrated seat belts. Design in some head room for the rear passengers. They will be sitting slightly higher than the front passengers. After talking with other rock crawlers and asking them what they would do different. No one put in a heater. Everyone wished they had. I transferred the heater core to the buggy. Even in an open air buggy it make a difference on snowmobile trails.
  8. Sweet82

    I'd like to try to make a side by side buggy.

    Did you get RhinoBuggy plans? I stretched the Bandit plans to make it a 4 seater. Easy to do! There are some issues with the plans. I uploaded some pics that show a brace behind the front wheel that will need to be moved to the rear. Your front wheels will hit this brace if you build it to factory specs. Converting the plans from right hand drive to left hand drive is not as straight forward as you would think. I also lowered the gas tank from what Rhino called for. No reason to have it up high where they put it. Lower center of gravity, still well protected, gives room to haul gear or people in the back of the buggy. I'll text you over the weekend.
  9. Sweet82

    87 GL Wagon

    There are a few Subaru board members here! Good to have another.
  10. Sweet82

    drriver side clicking...

    And the best part is its coming from a car that's 25 years old:banana:!!!
  11. I just turned on Mad Max's blower this weekend. Got showered with grass and bits of weeds seeds and sticks. Took about 15 minutes to blow it all out. I hate mice...
  12. Bio,

    I didn't pay much attention to the angles. Most of my stuff was measured/laid out on the floor and then custom bent to match the pattern on the concrete. I also used some artistic license in some of the bends. Most of the external bends are cosmetic and the actual/exact angles are "negotiable". My front is narrower than the plans and slopes more than the plans--better visibility. The rear was bent to match the frame. The sides were bent so the width was correct for the plans/matched the front & rear widths.

  13. Sweet82

    ATV/UTV Tires

    ...so what did you decide to do? Have you checked the wheel well clearance? My Pugs will rub a bit on my GL with a 27" tire.
  14. Sweet82...

    Did you happen to keep track of the angles that you bent the tubes on your Stalker? I was just going through the drawings getting ready to build (After some time dinking around with other stuff) and noticed that most of the bends don't have a angle called out, they have a radius called out but not the actual angle.

    I suppose I can guess the angle with a protractor, but just thought if you had any notes on it that would be a great big help...


    I emailed Rhino and they told be that the fella that sold the Stalker plans sold the "Rhino Buggies" business to another fella which did not buy the buggy plans, but just the "Hummer" looking builds they still do, so he does not have access to the original CAD files to look up the angles and/or convert to inch measurements from metric.


    Thanks again for any and all of your help...