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My EA82 just cracked a coolant hose. I poked around under the hood, and all the rubber is dead. vacuum lines..rock solid. they just make a little crack noise and drop off of their nipples. Maybe one reason this engine is sackless, or are they relly sackless to begine with? I need to drive a good running one to know. Or I could do a 5-30mph times accel at WOT and compare with others. The root of the issue is that I plan to install an EJ22 and ditch the EA cause its sackless, but I need the EA to move the car untill everything is set to be installed. So should I spend the cash to get vacuum line and coolant hoses for an engine theat is only going to be used for a few more months or should I just keep the rpms low so it doesn't leak out of the hose and limp it untill the EJ?

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