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Cruise Control design on 97 Legacy

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I'm working on a project that involves an unmanned vehicle with a 97 Subaru Legacy engine inside. One approach to automatically controlling the throttle has been to directly interface to the cruise control pump assembly in order to control the acceleration and decceleration of the vehicle. Our cruise control system seems to have 5 wire leads coming out of it (2 of which I believe go to the same tap point). We seem to be controlling the vaccum pump sufficiently using this configuration but we get some odd behavior on occassion. We'd really like to know exactly how the cruise control system works electrically in order to most reliably control this thing. Are there any docs out there that we could look at which would have pictures of the assembly and a pinout description of each wire along with what sort of waveforms and voltage levels we need to apply in order to control the assembly. Feel free to send any info to dgc@teamjefferson.com. Thanks!

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