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hello from land of enchantment

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hello all,

now a proud owner of a nearly new 03 Baja (yellow, what else?), the most recent pony in a long line that started w/ 51 Merc; 56 Merc; several Corviars, an Alfa Gulietta, MGB, Ford F100, Dodge 3/4 4xd4, Pontiac Sunbird ragtop, and now a Subie!

Am an archaeologist, historian & Prof at NM State; do a lot of camping, camp cooking (incl. home-made sourdough on the campfire).

Always interested in ways to improve my Baja, such as a cheap trailer hitch, more electric outlets, methods to customize interior, bed & bodywork

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Welcome to the fun world of the Baja! They're GREAT little trucklets!


There are 2 Baja specific forums that I know of, http://www.scoobytruck.com and a Baja forum at http://www.nasioc.com scroll waaaaay down and you'll find it.


There are some posts in the New Generation forum here, just search Baja and you'll get all the posts.




PS: That sourdough sounds REAL good! Wanna share?

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