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Updated Smog problems: I tried again, and failed badly... (pics)

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Im taking it to a local shop that specializes in subarus. They will check that there, along with a few other things... I'm going to get the gasket on first of course.


There doesnt seem to be any fuel in the oil either, the texture is right and theres no gas smell.


Whew! That's good news! Keep us posted...


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Ok, so I got the gasket on with some extra gasket sealant, and got the heater hose on as well... Its running without smoke now, well at least not much smoke. I dont think the timing is right yet, since its backfiring now...


If I set the timing without the vacume advance connected, and get the idle to around 900, and then if I plug the vacume advance back in and the idle drops to stalling speeds is that a problem?

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