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gettin' new boots for da 79!

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alrighty... i'm getting new tires for my 79 brat... SWEET... the kumho's i'm running right now are falling appart at the seams... starting, stopping, turning is all becoming a challenge with these tires... especially in rain... yikes... near rear-endings are plentifull in my car...



so i wanted to get these... http://www.coopertire.com/us/en/ProductDetails.asp?ProdType=Passenger&id=218&title=Passenger+Tires


a friend of mine can get them for $60 a tire...(cheap cheap for the tire)


but my parents don't want to throw down 240 bucks on a set of tires which will most likely be treadless in 2 years... (since i am in school they are paying for my car pretty much... because my bro's car was free... while mine was not... livin' it easy!)


so i need to get an all-season tire... one that has a good life-span...


so i ask you all... i want something with a decent tread pattern that i can rally, light 4x4, commute, ect... a tire that'll make me happy and safe while keeping my parents wallets happy... (i feel kinda bad... lots of stuff breaks on my car...)


avoiding walmart, cosco, canadian tire brands... looking for real tires here...


also keeping stock size... 175/70/13

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