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Hello everyone!!!


This is my first post on this site and I would like to say hello. I have been reading other posts and doing searches for my vehicles problem. I have had it to two separate places, one for a radiator flush and the other was auto zone. My check engine light will go off for a couple days and then come on for a couple of days. If it is off and I make a left turn it WILL come on again. It came up after being tested for egr system on the code reader and I don't remember the code number. I have read some other posts and most of the problems are the selenoid but I can't find it under the air intake. I found a small selenoid under (I think it is call the cylinder head manifold) what ever it is, it is a big shiny thing on top of the engine. Could this be it and can a selenoid be cleaned or does it have to be replaced? I have 106,000 original miles on it but I hate that light being on most of the time. I am so close to just ripping out the stupid bulb but I think it is more difficult to reach than fixing the problem. If anyone has any info or remarks please post them.


Thanks in advance.

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