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Have you tried northursalia.com?


What part of the wiring are you looking for, and in which platform?


Hi Thanks for the heads up, basiclly I turbo charged my ej25, and I use emanage to work with original ecu, and I need the diagram of ecu in order to hook up the e-manage..thanks.


and btw, seems legacy 2000 ej25 has quiet some different model of ecu?

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No, IIRC the ECU pinout is the same for both Legacy and Impreza 2.5RS models. You can find an install guide here: http://f5.grp.yahoofs.com/v1/kPmMQ36cInuN4bM6QXM9dSMLMhihlLhYxVdgcssrz1xT5TmElxkNeBuYZpVL74jYigoV0ksVCDEMCsomgnFw8rMllkN47KI/Install%20docs/2.5_Emanage.doc


Your Legacy isn't an auto is it? The settings in that file seem good on a manual car, but the auto trans will throw codes. Nightmare.

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