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engine/tranny swap in a 92 Loyale

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Just bought a winter beater ('92 sedan 4WD Loyale) and I'm wondering how hard/easy it would be to turn it into a good offroad car.


The car has what I call an ''on demand'' 4WD, which I'd like to keep. So I guess the idea would be to stick with the tranny or get a earlier Impreza tranny (non full time AWD) if it fits. But I think I'd ever prefer a 2WD/4HI/4LOW tranny.


About engines... I'd like more torque and more HP, but no turbo. So no big power EJ20T. A 2.7 XT6 engine would be fine, but I'm not sure if it fits since the EA82 engine is close to the rad in the Loyale. I think even an EJ22 would do the trick.


So, considering I'd like to get more torque/power without turbo and a non full time 4WD that would work great in off road, what engine/tranny combo would be interesting?



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EJ22 into a EA82 is a common swap. You need an adapter plate and modified flywheel to mate it to the EA82 5 spd, and wiring harness and all that. Like monstaru said, there's a lot here if you search.

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