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I need this EGR(I think thats it?) solenoid.

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Hey my CEL is on and says the EGR solenoid is bad....So I looked around and think that it must be this broken one. It is broke because where the line conncts it is broke....So does anyone have one on a parts car or something that I could have for a few dollars? There aren't any JY around here in FL. So heres 2 pics....its the solenoid right by the thermostat on my 93 Loyale SW.



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the solenoid in the center of your second picture is the purge control solenoid. (it could be you need both of them)


The EGR is behind and below that one. Find the EGR valve itself on the back of the intake track, and follow the vacuum line to the EGR solenoid. The EGR solenoid also has a white connector, compared to the Black connector for the PCS.

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