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Need help on EA82 TURBO EFI opto distributor

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Great forum. There are clearly many knowledgable Soobies here! Does anyone know the wiring signal connections for the EA82 Turbo EFI distributor with the optical inturruptor disk? For some background- I'm putting the engine on a rather largish hovercraft I'm constructing. For ignition control ans EFI control I am using the latest version of the Megasquirt DIY-EFI

( http://www.bgsoflex.com/megasquirt.html ) system that now controls both fuel injection and ignition. To interface the disro to control the ignition, I need to know firstly what color wires hook to power and which color wires are the ignition timing and crank angle strobe signals. And last, but probably not least, There are 4 slots on the the inturruptor plate obviously for ignition timing, and lots and lots of holes for the crank angle timing. If anyone knows how many holes are in the plate for the crank angle sensing it'll save me a gob of time counting them. I'm sure it is a number divisable by 360. The opto module is stamped RSB-06 and 7617 which is probably the manufacture date.

Thanks in advance!

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