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New Suby owner with some questions

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Well I moved over from audi quattros to suby wagons. I now have a '98 outback wagon with the 2.5 manual trans with 115K miles. So far I love it. I am looking to upgrade the performance and suspension, but am not really sure where to start or what to get.

First the suspension, the rear is quite soft and soupy when I have the wagon loaded, and it seems to have, in my opinion, a lot of body roll. So, heavy duty shocks, what kind, and beeffier sway bar, maybe rear stress bar?? Exhaust, muffler? Intake? Chip?

It's not the smoothest shifter, it's hard to get in first, and first to second could be smoother. Suggestions? Short shift kit?

I just had one wheel bearing in the front replaced at $240. Now I need to do the other one, is it possible to change the bearing myself without having the car in a shop?

Thanks for reading and thanks for your advice.


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There are various things to upgrade. However there may not be much specifically listed for your model.....most of the pre 02 impreza stuff will fit.


I'd recommend KYB struts. There's a tranny cocktail one of the guys on http://forums.nasioc.com/forums has come up with. Check out the trans forum and search for uncle scotty's cocktail. I've been really happy with the shifting results.


You should be able to put a short shifter in your car, if not, you can swap over to the new style linkage and then be able to run a short shifter. I'd personally recommend just replacing the front and rear linkage bushings with poly bushings. You can get them from www.kartboy.com


Others should chime in as well.


Welcome to the subie clan


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Replacing my gearbox oil with Valvoline Synpower has worked wonders. Used to crunch on the shift from 2nd to 3rd, and just pouring in the right oil cured that.


Castrol "Syntorq" isn't bad either, and Motul "Motylgear" will also do the job. But I prefer Valvoline. Depends on price and availability locally I guess.

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