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Cure For Slow Wipers

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It is most likely not the wiper engine failing. I took a spare apart thinking of the heavy snow and ice and rain winter is going to bring.Don't blame the electrical system just yet if everything is working (seemed to be number one blame over the years). The fix should take the amp draw to very minimal and increase speed of wipers.


I basically took it all apart then greased the shiny ungreased stubborn turning parts- now better than ever, parts free spinning. They forgot to do a few normal grease jobs on my car in several places.The trickiest part of this is keeping the brushes and springs from falling out. There is two little "nubs" at the top of eacj brush housing. Wrap the brush cable onto it to keep the springs in place. Other than that, it goes together like it came apart. There may be some stubborn pieces, don't hesitate to pull apart or even take a small hammer to it.

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