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New Years Eve/new years Wheelin

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well me and some friends celebrated new years by wheelin last night with our goal being to see the fireworks of portland at the top of goat mtn. (between estacada and colton) at about 4,000ft. we did make but it was a disappointment as the only fireworks we saw was the ones on mt. hood that was being shot off from timerline lodge. they we're pretty cool though it was a clear night and the mountain was all illuminated by the almost a full moon. the only thing you could see around the portland area was little flashs from private individual fireworks which was kinda neat but we we're hope for some big ones from portland but then again from roughly 40 miles away and 4,000 + ft. i guess they would all be small. :lol:


well as previously posted in another thread i didn't make it to the st.helens mudrun because i broke a stub axle and i did get to disgrace another samuri owner and surprise another cherokee and chevy owner. :banana:


all in all i broke the stub axle, did some more body damage( broken left taillight, left front side marker light, both of my little replacement front turn signals ( trailer side marker lights i put on when i removed the front bumper) multiple under carraige dents (as usually suffered :rolleyes: ) and left quarter panel dent at the taillight part of the same incident. oh and also had the left rack mount bushing slip out which cuase some erratic and unpredictable steering characteristics under acceleration and decceleration. :eek:

so all in all it was another good time. :lol::banana::headbang:


unforunately i don't have any pictures and it was all at night but a buddy took pictures at the point i broke the taillight but he doesn't think it will be very good so if it is when i get it i will post it. but i will post some pictures of the damage if requested. :brow:

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