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This just turns out too good to not mention.. As it goes I junked a fairly new chevy corsica. Loved the oem Delco radio it is very tough components inside. For the heck of it I sized it up to my loyale and lo and behold a perfect fit. Brackets to hold it in, need ingenuity, I ended up using a frame from storm windows.. and it acted as a heatsink- to give it more power. The typical swap in wiring to add four true channels for no shared ground is only must do. Wiring diagrams for the delco were found on the net. If not, you can figure out the channels easily, then bezel lights/dimmer switch and even a power antanae for some, by switching things on and off with a voltage guage hooked up. The color codes are easily paired just by looking for the most part.This same radio is going into my second soob that needed one. Junk yards have alot of gm radios here, maybe the same for you.



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