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Well it apears that someone hit the driverside rear of my Legacy sedan, I am not exactly sure when or how this happened but its been in the last 2 weeks. This happens right as I decide to start doing some mods to my car.


Basically what is wrong are most of the clips that hold the bumper cover on the driver side and towards the center are broken. From the outside you cannot tell that the car has been hit but when you lift the trunk open you can see the broken clips. Also you can shake the driver side of the bumper cover and it is fairly loose, There are no big dents of any kind just the the bumper cover is loose and there is a small scratch where it appears somebody backed in or hit the side panel. Is there anything I can do as a way to reattach the bumper short of buying a replacement cover or getting a body shop to do it? Are there clips I can install to remount on the bumper cover? Any help would be great.

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