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Crank sprocket / gear puller

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99 PhaseII SOHC. If your crank gear is stuck on.


Here's a pic of my crank gear sprocket puller setup, using the M8x1.25 tap-existing-holes method. (There are two round holes through the stock gear, on opposite sides of the crank. They are the perfect size to thread with an M8x1.25 tap) This is not my idea, but it is my pic. In this pic: the gear is already partly pulled off. A socket has been inserted at the end of the crank to continue.


I used nuts to allow the bolt to remain fixed in the full thread of the hole, since the tap did not go exactly straight and I only got about 7-8 full threads on it. It slid off pretty smoothly, at first one flat at a time, then later more easily.


Notice the broken tang from a previous attempt with a normal puller. Also, since eveything around it is aluminum, do not try to pry a reluctant gear off the crank, you will just do more damage. This is the $10 solution.




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