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Guest mrtoyou7747

Replacing Bulb in AC Switch

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Guest mrtoyou7747

I already replaced the small bulbs in the AC/heater panel which lightup the "settings" however I now need to change the bulb in the AC switch.


Does any one know how to do this and what part number bulb is required?


Is the bulb the same as the others?

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Guest Commuter

I just did the climate control lights for the third time on my car last week.


When I had it apart this time, I took the A/C switch out for the heck of it. It just slides right out. There is one of those little bulbs with the round plastic base in there too. I did not remove it. I don't know if it is the same bulb or not. I suspect that it is probably like the ones that fit into the fog light / cruise control / defrost switches, but that is just a guess. Physically, those bulbs are smaller than the ones in the climate control unit. Just ask your dealer... or you can probably change just the bulb itself (reusing the base) with the Radio Shack 7219 bulb. Up to you.


If you haven't changed the climate control bulbs in some time, you might want to consider doing them too while you are in there. Just a thought. I only get about 2 years at most out of them, but then I do 3 times the driving of most poeple. And my lights are always on.



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