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XT/MPFI injector wire issue

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So, after several member threads about problems with injectors not firing, I though it time to sticky some of this info.


As many of us Know, when Fuji wanted to splice 2 wires, they did it with a simple brass crimp, wrapped in tape. And, lot's of them are under the Carpet. Most noticably the PW + supply split, and the subject of this post, The MPFI fuel injection signal(neg) wires.


They originate at the ECU from pins 49,50, And 51,52. Then join shortly as one wire each pair. The injectors fire in pairs, So this first connection is just a redundancy. It is also not far from the ECU in the harness, so not wet or likely to corrode. Still, if both in a pair aren't firing, this is a suspect.


But by far the more likely is the crimp connections where the wires seperate again to go to there respective injectors. This connection is in the harness that runs under the RH seat, under the carpet. Even worse is that damp carpets corrode the wires in in a nice perfect ring around the brass crimp, eventually severing the wire.


The end of this thread http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/showthread.php?t=67331&page=4&highlight=injector+trunk

has great pictures of the wires, and how they break. As well as a good treoubleshooting lead up in the first 3 pages. I suggest it be merged with the info I summed up in my above statement, and put in the USRM

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