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Manual trans fluid swap.

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This winter my 3000GT has been a little harder to shift than usual. Mostly when I a first drive it and everything is still cold. The car has about 125k now. I've owned it for the last 10k and not sure what was done before that. I've swapped fluid in automatic trannys but not manuals. I don't use this car for performance stuff. just looking to smooth things out. How should I do and what stuff should I use? I'm a member of a 3000GT/Stealth board, but most of those guys are only concerned with their 1/4 mile times, so I hesitate to ask there.

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Redline MTL for the win.


I used Redline MT-90 (same thing, but thicker) in my cranky-when-cold-shifting Tacoma with great results. Many others have said the same thing. I think I paid around $8 a quart plus shipping, which I felt was worth it, especially considering the result. I had to get it online. I think I got it from Summit Racing.

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