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Frank B

NipponDenso starter contact replacement

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For the past few weeks my hatch has had a hard time starting, just a click from the solenoid but the starter would not spin. After a few more tries it would start. I removed the starter and disassembled it to find a bunch of dust from the brushes coating everything, and both contacts worn down to near nothing. I cleaned it up, greased the bearings, and removed the worst of the two contacts from the solenoid and soldered a piece of copper on to it to build it up to match the other contact, which worked for a about a week. I just bought a new Denso set off of ebay to try for $8.99.


I've seen all this mentioned in the New Generation forums, but not here.



Here's a site that shows, and explains it a bit more, it's a honda site, but it's the same starter. Honda, Mitsubishi, Toyota, and who knows how many more have the same ND starter. When I went around town to the different parts stores looking for the contacts, one man told me that he's seen them in skid loaders!?




Here's a list of what ebay has to offer. A lot cheaper than a new starter.




A quick funny story about this, I went to start my old Ford truck to go into town looking for the contacts and guess what, it wouldn't start either! I replaced the solenoid with a spare used one, not it. Replaced the starter with a spare used one, not it. So I took the family sedan, a Chevy, down to the parts store and bought a new starter, new solenoid, and new cables, and that took care of it!

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