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a weekend at rimrock, in july

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been meaning to get out there, and i've been trying to get a get together in the naches area going for almost 4 years now... the place has been on fire twice canceling plans, and the other 2 were vehicle trouble, or some reason to cancel. i was thinking july 4th or another weekend in july??


# of vehicle limit: 15 (otherwise i have to legally get a permit and event insurance to hold an event on forest service land...)


soobs would be required to have safety equip, lift, 26" tires, fullsize spare, solid recovery points and a welded rear diff.


roll cage recommended... along with spare parts and the proper tools to fix your rig...


i'm not planning on running anything like pucker ridge over there. just the easy to moderate trails, and might dabble into some difficult trails. most places you find info on rim rock will give you the word of caution, the difficulty levels of the trails are not because of large boulders, more because they are narrow and off camber on ridge tops. can you say excellent views!! if you are afraid of heights, this is not the run for you. but, overall i'm not planning on running the hard stuff and that depends on what i bring to drive... ie zuk or soob. i figure if i set a date to have the roo back together by... i might actually take it


who's intrested and what weekend? i'm leaning towards 4th of july, i hate fireworks anyhow.


or a run to naches/kaner flats area and run the naches pass trail over... then run the pwr lines trail, the rocks, kaner flat and tripod flats trails...


rimrock is located off highway 12 near rimrock lake.

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