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Outback Instrument Cluster Light Replacement

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2002 Subaru Outback L.L. Bean H6 3.0

Pinch the bezel encircling the shifter stick and pull up. It should pop upwards.

Remove and set aside.

Remove Ashtray, set aside.

Remove 2-phillips head screws from the Ashtray bracket. Screws are hard to get at, one each side of the bracket which screw up into the cubby for tapes etc. Don't lose them, it's easy to do.

Remove the 2-screws from the bin below the ashtray and in front of the shifter. Pinch the bin and remove and set aside.

Remove bezel around radio, heater controls by gently working it away from the console. There is a wiring harness for the lighter and light. 2- plugs are easily pulled off. The bezel is one-piece, (no screws) and set aside.

Remove the matching button panel on the left side of the steering wheel by access through coin holder near hood release. Coin holder can be opened and pulled out. Put your hand in the hole reaching upwards to push out the button panel. Leave it dangle by the wires.

Remove bezel which encircles the insturment cluster and air vents. One piece black plastic on mine. 2-screws secure it at bottom near insturment cluster, there is the Emergency Flasher Switch to deal with. There is a wire harness and removable plug which is easy to break. Carefully depress the locking tab and wiggle the plug away from the switch, remove and set aside the bezel. It's tight you must lower the adjustable steering wheel.

Remove insturment cluster, 5-screws, 3-up top, 2-down bottom. Carefully pull it out minding the wiring connected at the top. No need to remove it, tip it so you can see the light bulbs. They twist lock and are replaceable at the Subaru Dealer. Call first they may not have them in stock.

Part #=85066GA110 BULB SOCKET 1.4watt. I saw 2-on the cluster one for the clock and 1 for the odometer. $9 for one.


Doing this yourself I can imagine will save you at least over $100 in labor. It took about 45-minutes to get in there and 30 minutes to put it all back.

I put it all back in reverse order. Be sure to test you work before reintalling everything. Have a dish or cup for the screws and try to remember which one goes where. They are all different lengths.

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